Building the future: Burley Technology Solutions’ website deployment journey

November 29, 2022

After the successful redesign of Burley Technology Solutions’ website, I enthusiastically embraced another opportunity to collaborate with the managed IT services company. This venture aimed to construct a robust back end and seamlessly transition away from the online web-building platform previously utilized.

Project Highlights

  • Client: Burley Technology Solutions
  • Scope: Full-stack development, website deployment
  • Website
Screenshots of, 2022 November
Screenshots of, 2022 November

Refactoring the Front End

In the earlier redesign project, navigating conflicting CSS styles injected by the web-building platform required creative solutions, especially given the platform’s penchant for ID selectors. Now, with the platform out of the way, we could greatly simplify how the site’s pages render. I used this opportunity to rewrite the site’s styling using Tailwind CSS.

Furthermore, client-side components initially provided by the platform had to be reimagined. TypeScript emerged as the tool of choice for this task, encompassing the recreation of essential elements such as the site’s main navigation menu.

Server-side Development

The decision to adopt Go (Golang) for server-side development stemmed from its simplicity, efficiency, and robust support for concurrency. Once Go was set up, we leveraged its standard library to handle HTTP requests and responses, routing, and the integration of SSL certificates (TLS).

This strategic choice to build a web server in Go for Burley Technology Solutions has yielded a more performant website, notable cost savings, and a scalable foundation for future growth.

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