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Web design & development portfolio

Over the years, I've had the privilege of contributing to a diverse array of projects that showcase the expansion of my skills and approach. This collection reflects the enterprising effort that I bring to each project.

  • Redesign for Burley Technology Solutions

    Revamped Burley Tech website, transcending templates for a bespoke look. Overcame CSS challenges, exceeded client expectations. More.

  • Website redesign for P.F. Engineering

    The redesign of improves navigation and brings the company’s brand identity into focus. More.

  • Email marketing design for PrepLogic

    The IT training company engaged customers by arranging a new advertising campaign each week. More.

  • UI design: LearnSmart Training System

    The training library, used by those working to further their careers in IT, goes from a mail-in DVD system to a cloud service. More.

  • Responsive CSS + SVG: a landfill conversion web graphic

    Officials expect modern land reclamation procedures to make problems experienced by other communities less likely. More.

  • CSS grid: a Rubik's Cube infographic

    A Rubik's Cube has 43 quintillion possible ways of arranging its pieces. Learn how to conquer the popular puzzle with this three-phase method. More.

  • Responsive CSS: a deputy-bystander collision graphic

    A college professor finds himself in the middle of a high-speed police chase. More.

  • Responsive CSS + SVG: an Olympic ice rink construction graphic

    Find out what it takes to build a professional-quality ice rink in almost any climate. An Olympic ice master explains the process, layer by layer. More.

  • CSS grid: a skateboarding infographic

    Learn about ollies, grinds, slides, and kickflips—the ABCs of skateboarding. More.

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