Empowering retirement planning for Saint Petersburg Fire & Rescue first responders

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November 08, 2023

I am excited to announce the launch of a tool designed exclusively for the first responders of Saint Petersburg Fire & Rescue: SPFR Pension Estimator. It is an honor to support those who dedicate their lives to public safety by providing a convenient way for them to assess their retirement outlook.

Project Highlights

  • Client: Saint Petersburg Fire & Rescue Personnel
  • Scope: React: Single-page Application
  • Website
Screenshots of the web application, SPFR Pension Estimator, 2023 November
Screenshots of the web application, SPFR Pension Estimator, 2023 November

Key Features

Personalized Pension Estimates: With SPFR Pension Estimator, first responders can input their date of birth, the date they joined SPFR, and their rank to receive personalized pension estimates. The application utilizes these details and public data to generate precise and personalized pension estimates.

Options for Additional Factors: Users can specify pensionable overtime pay and earnings for fulfilling specific roles, such as hours spent driving a firetruck.

Projected DROP Program Benefits: The Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP) is a critical component of retirement for many SPFR personnel. The SPFR Pension Estimator includes a feature that projects DROP program benefits, helping users visualize the impact of participating in this program on their overall retirement income.

VEBA Plan Advantage Insights: The app provides insights into the Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association (VEBA) plan, allowing SPFR personnel to make informed choices regarding their healthcare coverage during retirement.

Privacy: SPFR Pension Estimator implements vigorous measures to protect the privacy of user data. At the lower portion of the app, you can find more information regarding privacy and the option to clear any data stored in the browser.

Fast and Responsive

Built on the React/Next.js framework, the app ensures a fast and responsive user experience for personnel exploring different retirement scenarios.

I am honored to play a small role in enhancing the well-being of the Saint Petersburg Fire & Rescue community. I invite any SPFR personnel to explore the SPFR Pension Estimator.

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