A responsive design for pf-engineering.com, 2020 February
A responsive design for pf-engineering.com, 2020 February

A Website Redesign for P.F. Engineering

P.F. Engineering provides do-it-yourself plans for folks keen on building hydraulic machinery themselves. This redesign of pf-engineering.com showcases customer photography, improves navigation, and better defines the company’s brand identity.

Many customers enjoy sending photos and videos of their finished projects to P.F. Engineering. A carousel on the new homepage displays an ever-changing selection of these customer photographs. There are also dedicated pages for browsing the entire photo and video collections.

With so much vivid color in the site’s photography, the company’s saleable products—its build plans—are distinguished with artwork utilizing precise lines and cool hues of blue.

After receiving the sign-off on my design, I collaborated with zzwx to develop and deploy the new site. I contributed to the site’s client-side and server-side development—writing in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Go.